Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back To Whixall Marina

After a comparatively quiet night at Whitehouse visitor moorings we left to  do the two tunnels and Chirk aqueduct. No queues at Whitehouse tunnel but we had to wait at Chirk Tunnel for a stream of boats to come through, then it was our turn with about six boats behind us. At the other end a queue had already formed it's been so busy for September even though the children are back in school.

Soon we were over the Chirk Aqueduct and making our way slowly towards New Marton Locks. Slowly because at every bridge hole we met a boat. We passed Chirk Marina where the golf course grass  is no longer closely cut ready for action. As we approached the locks a queue stretched ahead, when we arrived we were 14th and it took three and a half hours to work through those two locks. I went down to help at the locks until it was our turn, we met some happy holidaymakers as well as we ll as some grumpy ones on their own boats.

Ben and I enjoyed a towpath walk and we finally stopped just short of Ellesmere. We knew it would be busy there with the Floating Market on the canal arm so we stayed just after the turning point. I walked into Ellesmere with Ben to get a paper and some bread while Eric continued with his painting of the rear doors, counter and hatch. 

We moved on the next day heading back to Whixall we didn't need to join the queue for the was chaos at the junction with the arm into Ellesmere. Three hours cruising on a much quieter section of the Llangollen and we were back on the Prees Branch. Out came the windlass time to give those arm muscles a workout with the two lift bridges ahead of us. No wind today so it was easier to get alongside our berth and tie up. Soon we were back on shoreline and settled for a lazy afternoon.

Eric still has loads of painting to do but tomorrow's another day.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Llangollen And Back

A view of Castell Dinas Bran
This week we've meandering towards Llangollen trying to get some painting preparation done. We stopped in a nice quiet spot and Eric was busy being noisy with an electric sander and a hire boat pulled in for lunch, so we had lunch as well and resumed sanding once they'd left. The next day we decided to spend the weekend in Llangollen and had a pleasant trip up on Saturday morning with very few boats moving.
It's still strange visiting Llangollen at this time of year and we had a very pleasant few days. On Sunday we sampled an Italian style lunch with roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables and new potatoes at  Fouzis and of course we had to have Tiramisu  since they had some.
Before we left on Monday morning we met up with Liz and Nick  who were visiting Llangollen by car, for a coffee at Fouzis. Nice to see you both and we hope Connie is sorted soon.
We untied the boat and headed towards the basin to turn the boat around and decided to follow the trip boat which was leaving in a few minutes through the narrows. Unfortunately a very slow boat pulled out in front of us and we had a frustrating two hours cruising to Trevor. All I can say is the man on the bow was using a boat pole to fend off as the steerer was definitely not very good!
Here's a few photos as we crossed the aqueduct still following that slow boat. We'd had enough and pulled over at Whitehouse visitor moorings while he continued on his way.

A view of the River Dee from the Pontysyllte aqueduct
Railings on one side only

Misty hills in the distance

A view from the aqueduct showing the Railway Viaduct

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

One Job Done.....Droopy Fender Replaced

Before the sad  rear fender

Moored on the Ellesmere Arm was a trading boat 'PJ Fenders' so we managed to replace our droopy rear fender for a very good price, much cheaper than our previous one from Nantwich Chandlery which began to droop very quickly. Looks good so fingers crossed it stays looking good.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Surprise Surprise We're Cruising

Whixall Marina

Today NB Bendigedig left her mooring at Whixall Marina and we're out cruising.  Eric wants to do some painting and he didn't fancy painting when there's no land next to the end of the boat.  All the pontoons at Whixall are shorter than our boat.  There's an open weekend at Whixall this weekend.

Ben and I enjoyed a walk while Eric steered the boat and then we got back on at a bridge hole. Just those two lift bridges on the Prees Arm to give my arm muscles some exercise and it's about three hours cruising to Ellesmere. Not many boat's on the move. We found a space on the Ellesmere Arm and moored up and did a bit of shopping. It's busy here but it's ok for an overnight mooring.

Tomorrow we'll head out to a country mooring away from the  constant foot traffic past the boats.It's been a lovely day with wall to wall sunshine so  it's good to be out cruising.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Visit To The Quarry in Shrewsbury

A view of the Dingle  
Ben posing of course!

The goddess of the River Severn

another view of the  garden

I loved the cart full of sunflowers

Today we went to Shrewsbury and looking for a place to walk the dog we followed a brown road sign with trees on to The Quarry. We paid to park the car and went to have a look. It turned out to be a parkland of 29 acres in a loop of the River Severn. We enjoyed a walk alongside the river and then explored The Dingle not knowing what to expect. It was beautiful.....a formal display of flowers created by Percy Thrower during his 28 years as park superintendent according to the plaque on the sculpture in The Dingle.

Looking on google I found out some information on the Shropshire tourism site. It says that the area used to be a rough place where tanneries were sited and stone was dug but the fine gentlmen of Shrewsbury changed it into a place the Regency ladies could walk. I'm sure we'll be visiting The Quarry time the rain won't get us we'll remember to take the big umbrella which was in the car!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going Home Again To Whixall Marina

After over three weeks in hospital Paula's so much better so we decided to go back to Whixall. We'd had a busy two weeks including helping our daughter Lisa move house.......will a mattress go in a freelander?  Yes..... as long as the back door is open!  Luckily the new house is only ten minutes away. Ben the dog watched the goings on and settled down to sleep once the rug was put down in the new house. Paula will hopefully be out of hospital soon.

Clare and Ben have been great letting us stay for two weeks but we miss the boat  and the peace and quiet of our country life. City living is so much noisier. Ben the dog is fast asleep on his furry mat and hasn't moved for hours......he's had a busy few weeks too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Nanny And Grandad Day

Today we went to Porthcawl with our grandaughter Lisa and Ben the dog came too. Gwen started off with a play in the park with battered sausage and chips to follow while we had pie and chips. Ben the dog helped me eat my pie and a bit of sausage off Gwen. Next came a walk through the town to the beach where dog's are allowed. Gwen threw stones in the sea while  Ben paddled getting rather wet as the tide came in unexpectedly.  We walked back back along the promenade to the fair. I must admit I hate fairs but she enjoyed it and found room for some candy floss. 

All was quiet on the way back.........she was fast asleep!