Friday, December 19, 2014

Hello Again

Our view from the sidehatch
Looking at NB Valerie's blog  saying about the closeness to other boats in their marina I thought I'd share our view.Here at Whixall we are lucky to have a corner spot with a triangle of water as our view from the sidehatch. On the other side of the boat is a pontoon and another boat but I can open the sidehatch and enjoy the view. Huge carp come here to be fed on dry dog food too. Ben doesn't mind he's got loads.

My favourite photo of the marina
We're finding is very quiet here at the moment but it's soon going to be hectic with Christmas just around the corner. We've done the Christmas shopping and it's all parcelled up and ready to go. The bags have still to be packed and we're off tomorrow as my grandaughter Scarlett is going to be one and having a party on Sunday, so it's going to be fun and no doubt very noisy with loads of one year olds into mischief.


We've topped up the electric meter so NB Bendigedig won't be too cold without us. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NB Bendigedig Gets A Pass

On Monday we popped into Maestermyn  and asked who they used for boat safety and they arranged for him to contact us and he did. So today we had the boat safety test and we passed with no advisories either........Yippee!

Ben and I went for walk while the boat was being examined  but we weren't  out long as he didn't want to go any further.  It's been a cold, dull and foggy day but nevertheless a good day onboard NB Bendigedig.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Floating Again At Whixall

Dad at his 87th birthday party
Looking back through photos I came to this one at his 87th birthday lunch this April.....he always wore that tie and jumper when we went out for a meal. The gardening cake was amazing. 

On Saturday we came back to our boaty home for a few weeks before we go back to Newport for the dentist appointments and to continue with the task of clearing his house. We've done a lot but there's a lot more to do.

The boat was nice and warm as we'd left some heating on low. The fire was soon lit and the central heating fired up and we unpacked the bags. I brought back loads of washing but it was soon sorted in the laundry on Sunday morning.

Today we need to get some fresh food as we just picked up milk, bread and something for tea on the way back. I made a paella for Sunday lunch  as I had prawns and chicken in the freezer, I like meals that all go in one pan they're so quick to do.

The piers outside are covered in frost except where Eric put the salty mixture from the container near our pier. The thermometer reads 0 degrees so it's cold and I need to get showered and dressed to take Ben out a wee! So bye for now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

R.I.P My Dad Fred Lane 1927-2014

Today the final piece of the puzzle has been put in place with my father's funeral. I couldn't put into words the last  month which started with a fall, admission to hospital and his death on November the second.  He had a lovely send off with lots of happy memories from me his daughter, his grandchildren, nieces, nephews and a lovely eulogy by the vicar.His friends at St Thomas' Church  were amazing and worked so hard to make his fish amd chip lunch provided by Sheppards at Maesglas a great success. Fish and chips was always my dad's favourite food.We'll miss him dreadfully but at last he's with my mum.

Monday, October 20, 2014

He's In......Ben Falls In!

Back on the boat it felt a  little damp and cold but the heating was soon on and the place warmed up. It felt  strange in bed as I could feel the motion after being on dry land for nearly four weeks. Back to peace and quiet though with no roads or boats going past in the early hours.

In the morning the windows were running with condensation  but the next morning it was drier. I had a mountain of washing so I headed for the laundry in the marina which made light work of it with the large machines and excellent driers. My drier in the washer drier on the boat is definately not as good although I do tend to use the low heat as it doesn't damage anything delicate.

Back to boat maintenance the blacking, repainted tunnel bands looked good but we needed to replace the back door padlock as we had great difficulty getting it open when we got back as we could get it to open and had to borrow a pliers to raise the pin and the key was a bit bent.  As the fridge and freezer had been emptied as we wouldn't be on shoreline in the dry dock we had some shopping to do. We'd only brought something for tea when we came back.

Now last and not least Ben the dog fell in the marina in front of the bow, luckily he had his harness on and was attached to his lead so he was OK although he's heavy so my yells brought Eric to help pull him out. He wouldn't have fallen in if he'd not being trying to get at Whixie the dog on the boat opposite us and tried to cut the corner!  The shivering dog was soon dried off and running down the boat playing ball. He needed a wash so his coat is all fluffy after his dip. He went to sleep near the fire.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Going Home At last To Whixall

The last few weeks have been busy to say the least and I didn't feel I wanted to blog about the problems we've been having in Newport with my dad at the time, so in a nutshell......he's been unwell and had a few bad falls involving hospital visits and a stitched  hand. Add to that numerous doctor's,  hearing aid and optician's appointments as well as mobility problems.Getting him in and out of the car has been a nightmare.He's decided to sell his house so it's now up for sale and an offer made on a nearby bungalow but he doesn't seem to realise it's not a quick process as he's lived in one house since he was three years old and is now eighty seven and has never been involved in the moving process..His ongoing health problems means he could do with some help but  he refuses to have anyone in the house and without his consent nothing can be arranged. Even me who he calls his next of kin rather than his daughter gets shouted at if I try to help him in the house.

Clare and Ben had a lovely honey moon and Ben's made a new pal in Poppy the puppy who constantly gives his big licks. They even curl up together on a blanket on the sofa.She seems to have livened him up and they've enjoyed their morning walks together although we often get in a tangle of leads. I never thought I'd see the day when he'd share food and water bowls although there are two water bowls and two food bowls put down. They even play ball together although Poppy is much faster but lets Ben have it sometimes even though he'd rather just carry it in his mouth. We usually take two balls one for him to carry and one for Poppy to chase after. He's been good for her too as she now goes outside rather than leave a puddle in the kitchen. What we find strange though it that we can be out in a park and Ben waters anything vertical but Poppy doesn't do anything until she gets home to her back garden.

Back to the boat on Friday .....the spiders will have to vacate the premises. Bendy has had her bottom blacked and tunnel bands repainted so she should look a little smarter. I can't see the roof being tackled this year after all. Maestermyn have kept the boat keys for us in Oswestry as we forget to take the spare keys with daft is that! Good job I rang them to tell them not to leave the keys inside when they put the padlock on the back doors.The bill awaits us too!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Wedding Photos Take Two

Clare, Ben, Scarlett and Gwenllian
The guard of honour
Ben & Clare with her parents, grandad and neice Gwenllian

Clare and Gwenllian

Nick Thomas was kind enough to share these photos of our daughter Clare's Wedding to Ben on Facebook. Thank you Nick.