Friday, November 20, 2015

Back Afloat In Windy Whixall

We returned to the boat on Wednesday stopping on the way up in Hereford to get some food to keep us going until we did a proper shop. Ben the dog watered the carpark trees in Asda car park. The boat was soon warmed up with the flick of a switch to turn on the central heating. Next job to light the fire and  soon Ben was stretched out asleep by the fire.

Yesterday we didn't go far, Eric cleaned the car and I cleaned the hairy boat. We took Ben for a short walk up the Prees Arm as far as the second lift bridge before he didn't want to go any further and we turned around. Other than that we all had  a lazy afternoon on the boat.

Today we went in to Ellesmere for a walk by the Mere before we did the shopping at Tesco as the fridge and freezer needed replenishing. I popped in the vet's to pay the bill and get them to sign the form to send to More Than for the Pet Insurance for a refund less their deductions.

While we were away the coolie hat made an escape into the cut but everything else was fine as Eric had played safe and removed the life ring and satellite dish. He bungied down the plank, boat hook and pole. The pot of lavender was still on the pier too. We'd moved the boat so that the wind blew us towards the pier rather than away from it in the wind. 

I must dig out the scarves, hats and gloves if it's going to be cold this weekend.At present the boat is toasty and the sun is shining through the windows. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Back In Newport

On Tuesday we made the trip to Leahurst with Ben the dog and we saw the lovely vet who treated him eighteen  months ago. He's now back on steroids and antibiotics which will hopefully  help. This time his balance and coordination is worse but he's not lost any weight so is not so ill. They've taken blood and we have to go back in four weeks. 

On Thursday we picked up our new car a Kia C'eed  and we're delighted with it as is Ben the dog because it's the flat boot estate version and it's not so far the jump in. As an ex demonstrator the price was good too. The Freelander demonstrated it's disgust when the rear window motor failed on the rear door and the radio wouldn't work either. As the Kia is an automatic it took a while to get used to not using a clutch but I'm converted it's so easy to drive.

Our first trip was down to Newport with the final house clearance to do as well as the dental checkups and picking up our prescriptions to keep us going for the next three months. I also made a start on the Christmas shopping using M&S website and the collect at store service. The items were boxed or bagged ready to be collected. It's definitely an easier way to do the shopping.

We've done the last tip run and charity shop trip run today so we're just waiting with fingers crossed for the house sale to go through without a hitch. It was weird seeing the house ready to sell, I felt a little sad too.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Catch Up Post

Good morning, haven't been blogging as nothing much going on here unless you count the quantity of tissues being used. Eric came back from Wales with a cold and kindly passed it on to me.  I ended up with a nasty cough with the streaming nose which is finally easing.

The days have been pretty ordinary as boating goes with no boating planned until after the winter we're sitting here being buffeted by the wind and rainy weather. We've managed to get Ben the dog to do a short walk every day but it's not being easy getting him off the boat. We moved to a pier where there's a large area to land on but he's not interested in jumping off so often has to be lifted onto the pier. Walks are pretty wobbly as are his movements on the boat but he's coping,  his appointment is on Tuesday at Leahurst and hopefully they will be able to help him.

We're enjoying our nice new carpet although Ben has already christened when he was sick but it soon cleaned up. He must have eaten his food too quickly as he soon ate the refilled bowl of food  and was ok. It's good not having a puddle under the bed from the leaky calorifier.......but we still check when we put the bed away for the day. We could leave it out but the five foot width restricts the passageway.

Nothing else happening other than the usual household chores, washing, cooking, cleaning as well as the filling and emptying. Ironing is a very rare occasion! We've been shopping in Ellesmere and Whitchurch to keep the cupboard, fridge and freezer well stocked.

The fuel pump at Whixall Marina is now set at 60/40 and 94p a litre which means unless the office is open  (usually 9-10am 4-5pm Wednesday to Friday and 9-10am 3.30-4.30pm on Saturday) you have no choice if you need fuel. 

Quite a few new faces in the marina, some are new residential moorers others here for the Winter because at least you have water, electricity, pump out or elsan at hand as well as a supply of coal, wood, gas and kindling when the office is open. There's also showers, toilets and a laundry which is more than you get on a CaRT winter mooring. Welcome to the new's great to see some new faces as we've always got something to talk about being boaters.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Up With The Lark

It's been chaotic so far this week. On Monday morning we had to be up early at the Beta engineer was due at  nine and we needed to get all the storage boxes off the back of the boat and take up the engine boards  ready for the 250 hour service and leak finding. In the afternoon Eric went to King's Lock Chandlery to get a new calorifier as ours had developed a leak and they're cheaper there than at Midland Chandlers for the same type and size.

On Tuesday morning we had to be up again as the carpet fitters were due at nine and we needed to clear the stuff at floor level. They arrived on time and two hours later we had a nice clean, new carpet  which felt very nice under my feet. Supplied and fitted by  the carpet shop in Ellesmere. 

Today we had to up again as the calorifier was being fitted and we had no idea when the engineer was coming. He came at midday so we could have had a lie in. We now have water without needed to mop up under the bed. It wasn't a quick job as the new calorifier needed different connections  and it involved engine and central heating connections to the twin coils, but it's done now.

In the afternoon we took Ben to the vet for a referral back to University of Liverpool Small Animal Hospital at Leahurst, which is currently being arranged. Hopefully they can help him.

Tomorrow we're definately having a lie in!!

Friday, October 23, 2015

House Clearance In Newport

After a very hectic ten days in Newport clearing and cleaning my dad's house, it's finally up for sale. You just don't realise how much stuff can be accumulated in a lifetime living in the same house. My dad certainly  didn't throw much away.At least on a boat there's just no room to keep loads of stuff.

We're back home to the boat tomorrow with a 250 hour engine service arranged for Monday and with water leaks to sort the Beta engineer will be busy. On Tuesday a new carpet is being fitted  so Ben and I will go for a walk to get out of the way. Hopefully our leaky calorifier has been fixed temporarily by Plumbers Mait until we can get a suitable replacement. We shut the water off and crossed our fingers. 

Ben has had a wobbly week in Newport not coping well with the stairs, I've had to help him up and down holding onto his harness. He finds smooth surfaces difficult too, his one leg seems to slide and he overbalances. He's much more wobbly although some days are better than others. He's definitely having Bambi on ice moments and finds it difficult to turn around.A visit to the vet for a check up although it worries me that the meningoencephalitis Ben had eighteen months ago was only picked up by the neurologist. 

Goodnight, it's way past my bedtime!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Back In Whixall Marina

We arrived back at Whixall Marina after a very pleasant cruise on Sunday afternoon, the last cruise of the year. Ben the dog wouldn't jump onto the pier  as the boat next to us had gone which meant if he missed he would be in the water, so had to be lifted which was going to cause a problem. Luckily we were able to swap moorings to one with a bigger area of pontoon at the bow so with some coaxing we got him back into jumping off fairly happily if you don't count the growl as he jumps.

Yesterday we went to Ikea looking for a new chair which would go through our narrow fronts, we had 22 inches/56 cms width to get through and we  found a chair which Eric said would fit and it did although the size of the box would have defeated us without the load space of a Freelander. The chair is called Strandmon  and much more comfortable than the Poang chairs we had but takes up more room than a Poang, but as we replaced two chairs for one we're ok.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Here We Are Again- In Ellesmere

Yesterday Eric was busy painting the gunnels on one side of the boat , today we cruised for an hour and a half  to Ellesmere. We used the services before mooring up on the arm. Quiet here today but by tonight it'll be full up. Just a little bit  of shopping before we had a lazy afternoon. The satellite signal has been found ready for Wales v Australia and the Welsh flag is flying on NB Bendigedig.