Friday, March 27, 2015

Sea, Sand And Mountains....A Visit To Barmouth

Ben on Barmouth Beach (dogs allowed area)

Ben and Eric on the beach

I love to see the sea (dirt on lens)

I love to see the mountains

Ben found a stick on the beach
I took Ben for a short walk this morning and he  stayed on the pier next to the boat to make sure he was having a day out too. He happily jumped in the car, didn't whinge on the way and had a lovely walk on the beach. We enjoyed our trip too as we love to see the sea  and the mountains in Wales.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Back In Whixall

Our arrival back to Whixall Marina was well timed as there was no wind, getting into position with wind is a pain. Soon we were back on shore power and all settled in. That was Sunday afternoon so we had our Sunday lunch at teatime. Nothing's changed here other than the diesel is 70 something rather than 90 something a litre for 0%. It's a card machine so you can do it yourself.

We've been mud larking also known as dog walking with Ben the dog on the Mosses, around Ellesmere and around Whixall. Yesterday we went to Ellesmere  by car and did some shopping after our walk as we needed to get some chocolate for our grandchildren for Easter.

In the afternoon we had a surprise visit from Richard and Marion (NB Cartref) currently in Northampton soon to be relocated in Whixall when they get here in about five weeks. Where they are there are 17 locks to do before they can go anywhere. On this canal there's only 21 locks and 10  lift bridges on the whole Llangollen Canal including 2 on the Prees Arm. Our trip to Llangollen was just two lift bridges and two locks in each direction, so a very pleasant trip.  

We're here until Easter and then we're off to deliver those chocolate goodies to our grandchildren.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ellesmere In Sunshine

At Ellesmere Junction
Last night we stopped a few bridges past Maestermyn on visitor moorings, there was another boat there but we didn't see anyone before we left in the morning. This morning we headed for Ellesmere in the sunshine.

BOATERS BE AWARE new rubbing strips on  bridges 1W and 2W (Langollen Canal) had been fitted  and now have rows of protruding hexagonal nuts, which you need to avoid. Also bridge 52 near Lyneal Wharf. Usually the bolts have domed heads or are recessed.

Protruding heads beware! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Return Journey- Llangollen To Chirk

Our exit from Llangollen was much quicker than the journey in as we were travelling with the flow of water. I walked the narrows with Ben after saying our goodbyes to friends on the winter moorings. No boats coming through so Eric didn't have to wait  for any to come through. In fact we didn't see any moving narrowboats until just before Trevor Basin, the only moving boats were canoes near Bryn Howell.

We took the sharp right turn into Trevor Basin and were somewhat surprised that we could go straight across the Pontysycyllte Aqueduct without waiting, lovely in the sunshine with no wind.  We've been across it on windy days and in snow on other occasions. We didn't meet another moving boat until we got to the Fron lift bridge which Eric opened and shut for me  and I steered the boat through.

We went through Whitehouse Tunnel and then moored up just past Chirk Marina on the new visitor  moorings. A few boats have passed here since we moored up but it's very quiet today.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Going Up To Castell Dinas Bran

We made it! ( photo of Liz's phone)
Today Ben and I walked to the top of the hill  with the ruins of Castell Dinas Bran  on, with Liz and Connie. My progress was slow with lots of stops on conveniently placed benches but we made it. We haven't been up there since Ben had meningitis so he did really well.

Updated with some more photographs.

Just another photo from Castell Dinas Bran

Lots to smell up here!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Llangollen Update And A Surprise Visitor

We're having a taste of civilization in Llangollen, which is quieter after a busy weekend.  Since we arrived we've shopped for food and done the washing. ....not at all exciting. Liz, Nick and Connie are here on NB Henry for the winter so Ben the dog has his pal again. Getting him walking is usually hard going but he quite happily walked to Horseshoe Falls and back following Connie. It gave Liz and I chance to put the world to right and have a good catch up. A resurfaced footpath to Llantysilio Church made walking there mud free and there's a circular route back across the field to a picnic area and car park. Too late to see the carpet of snowdrops in the church yard but a pleasant flat walk any way.

 Horseshoe Falls

We met up for a meal at Fouzis' with Nick and Liz which was great with lovely food and good company. We resisted desserts and had  coffees instead. Ben the dog wasn't happy to be left and had a good bark which hopefully soon stopped. He was fine when we got back, he'd eaten his treats  so he must have settled down. We leave the radio on to keep him company.

This morning I was still in my pyamas and dressing gown, waiting for the water to heat up for a shower when Connie and Nick came by the boat. Ben was pleased to see her. A little later I had another visitor Lauren from Austin, Texas who had come by boat with her husband Jim and son Ty  on a boating holiday. The surprise was she'd been reading my blog,  fancied a boating holiday and hired a narrowboat from Canaltime at Whixall Marina. She came on board and told us about some of the places they'd visited on their big trip. Lovely to meet someone who reads my blog from so far away.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Moored At Llangollen

NB Bendigedig in Llangollen Basin
Today we did the final stretch into Llangollen through the narrows. I walked on with Ben the dog and phoned Eric to tell him it was ok to come through.Then we stopped at the facilities to empty some cassettes. Bernie and Maggie came out to welcome us and have a catch up chat. No room online so we went up to the mooring basin which is home for four boats including us.

I made a shepherd's pie for lunch and then Eric found the tv signal to watch the Grand Prix while I popped into town to get a paper. Llangollen is very busy today with lots of visitors. There's a steam festival here this weekend too..

Eric's just cleaned the chimney  so I can light the fire. It went out last night so it was a good chance to sweep the chimney. We used the central heating to keep the boat warm until we could relight the fire. It actually obliged by coming on at the first attempt, it's rather temperamental  depending on how well charged the batteries are.

We need to top of the water tank and then we can be thorough lazy for the rest of Mother's Day. Our three daughters remembered too!