Thursday, October 08, 2015

Crossing The Border- Back In England

Looking back across Chirk Aqueduct to Chirk Tunnel

Ben and I walked  for half an hour from Whitehouse through the tunnel with the boat as far as Chirk Tunnel. He wasn't too keen to walk through a tunnel but with coaxing he did it.  We waited for a couple of boats to come through  Chirk Tunnel before it was our turn.  Across Chirk Aqueduct and the sign read 'Welcome to England'. A pleasant cruise with nothing ahead or following us and no queues at the locks which was good news.

The last two locks of the season to do and then we moored up below  New Marton Locks as Eric had some more painting he planned to do - undercoating the gunnels on the towpath side obviously. A very small area of roof has had it's sandpaper scraped off as it has rusted underneath, primed and undercoated but it's a big job so it's going to take some time.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Return Trip- Llangollen To Whitehouse Moorings

A quick walk into Llangollen to get a bag of sticks and we were on our way. First we had to turn around in the mooring basin. We followed a boat through the one way narrow section and it turned out to be the slowest ever cruise to Trevor as the boat ahead never went above tick over and stopped for every boat to pass even though there was plenty of room. 

We also came across a boat across the cut with the occupants inside totally unaware  that they had blocked the canal. We pulled over while they retrieved their boat and let the trip boat pass and followed him across  the Pontysycyllte Aqueduct. Lots of tourists walking across and taking lots of photo of the boats. Just one lift bridge at Fron where Ben and I got off to work the bridge and have a walk.

We moored up on the visitor moorings at Whitehouse and  I lit the fire as I was feeling cold. We even had some hot soup as we cruised, the weather's cooler today. Eric had to clear the roof of acorns, twigs and oak leaves from last night. I certainly didn't have much sleep with  everything dropping on the boat. Reminder to self, moor a bit further along! We moored in the same place one snowy winter.

A wintery picture of NB Bendigedig at Llangollen- a few years ago.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

'The Sky Is Falling Down'

On Monday Eric waited to cruise the narrows to Llangollen Visitor Moorings while  I walked ahead to check for boats, all clear so I rang him to say it was OK to come through. There was a space which was the place we always stopped when we moored up here for the winter so we filled it up. We have an overhead oak tree hence the title......acorns are falling on the boat,  which make me thing of the story of Chicken Licken where an acorn fell on his head and he thought the sky was falling down!
Today we went for a walk along the towpath towards the Horseshoe Falls, and back into town to get some bread and milk. The washing machine has worked overtime as we're on shoreline on a working bollard and paying £6 a day for the privilege so I am getting my money worth. Lunch was Panini's and lattes at Fouzi's in Llangollen where we ate on the outside tables as we had Ben the dog to help us finish our food.

At the moment we have lots of rain falling down, hammering on the roof as well as acorns and the  hire boats are still whizzing by making waves, obviously some crew with no idea of going slow.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Nearly In Llangollen

This morning we worked through New Marton locks after waiting in a queue. I stayed behind at the first lock to help the boat following us through as it was their first ever lock. By the time Ben and I had walked to the next lock it was Eric's turn to go through. We decided as it was such a lovely day we'd cruise as far as the Lift Bridge before Llangollen, going down to the paid moorings in the morning so we could have two days in Llangollen.

It's been really busy today, we've never seen so many boats, walkers and cyclists on the move. The sun on a Sunday afternoon certainly  ups the visitor numbers. Crossing the Pontycysyllte Aqueduct was slow following some day boats but who cares with the lovely views. I always look out for the first view of Castell Dinas Bran  from Sun Trevor but I didn't take any photos.  I don't think we'll be walking up there this knees are sore and Ben's only does short walks.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Ben Has An Unexpected Swim

Ben's all dry now.
The day started rather wet as Eric tipped his cup of tea in bed, resulting in me doing a load of washing. It didn't get any dryer as while Ben was having a wee near the canal side, he overbalanced and fell in! He practised his doggy paddle along the piled edge while I crawled along to grab his harness and hold on until Eric could quickly moor the boat and help me get him out......25kg of wet dog is not easy! Back onboard one shivering dog wrapped in a big towel. He soon recovered and ate his dish of food. Eric  had said the dog needed a wash!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Moving On Towards Llangollen

Watering up at Ellesmere
Up early then a wait for the carpet fitter to arrive to measure up........does anyone ever come at the time they arrange? We decided to have lunch before we moved and our first stop was the very slow water tap at it Ellesmere Services. Accumulated rubbish binned and cassettes emptied and the tank is still filling up. Eric's been busy painting the gunnels on one side of the boat. We're now heading towards Llangollen with painting to do on the spotty other side of the boat, the gunnels have taken a battering this year after our six hour tow to Streethay in the Summer.

Ben and I had a misty, damp walk this morning but we now have sunshine.......a lovely afternoon for boating.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Onwards To Ellesmere

We spent last night  near Hampton Bank  which turned out to be a very quiet spot. Eric did a bit more sanding, rust treating and priming making our boat rather spotty.  Today we cruised for two hours to moor on the arm at Ellesmere. A boat passed us by on the way and asked 'Where's Ben the dog?' so I take it they read my blog. 

Firstly we had shopping in mind as the cupboards and fridge needed food. We also arranged for the boat to be measured for new carpet .....after nearly nine years the carpet needed replacing.  I also had to replace the radio as it ended up in the washing up bowl full of water when Eric did a little crashing due to the strong side weirs at the locks entrances. A replacement FM radio £9 in Tesco's didn't break the bank.

The coal boat just gone by to moor at the end of the arm so he's the bringing us a couple of bags of coal in his wheelbarrow.Just lit the's chilly tonight.