Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Service With A Smile

Today we had the 500 hour service at Whixall Marina on our new engine, so we're ready to go out again for a little trip to Middlewich and back.Service with a smile from Chris Jones, an experienced Beta engineer. He checked our 12 volt electrics while he was in the engine hole and found nothing wrong so it must be a dead freezer. When we get to  Middlewich the dead Mikuni is being replaced with a Webasco, we hope we get service with a smile there too.

At the moment the rain is pouring down, but Ben and I had a walk before it started. A trip to Sainsbury's in Whitchurch by car ready for our trip. Ben the dog came too for the ride. We're currently being thoroughly lazy watching TV while the tea cooks itself in the oven......a chinese take away from Sainsbury's.

On Thursday we're meeting Liz and Nick in Wrenbury for a meal at the Cotton Arms, it'll be nice to catch up. Politics will be off the menu!  Desserts are on the menu!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Swan Family

Just a photograph of the swan family with their nine cygnets........all doing well!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ellesmere In The Sunshine

Ellesmere- at the junction

A view across 'The Mere'

Eric and Ben by 'The Mere'

We've been  out for a few days and managed to find a space on the Ellesmere Arm for an overnight stop. It was extremely busy and a few boats made contact with us while we were moored. This morning we went for a walk through the wooded area called 'The Plantation' and across Castlefields to 'The Mere'. We had a coffee at 'The Boathouse' and sampled their delicious sausage rolls for an early lunch. A walk back through the town, a quick shop in Tesco and we were ready to make a move back to Whixall Marina.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Few Days Cruising

This morning we woke to sunshine so decided to unplug the shoreline, top up with fuel and leave Whixall Marina for a few days.Our fuel 60/40 split at 94p a litre from the diesel pump operated by a card but better than Blackwater where it was £1.29 for the same split.Just one lift bridge on the Prees Arm to get through as Stark's Bridge is currently open for boating but closed to walkers and then just cruising. Ben and I walked for a bit with the boat, hopping back onboard at a bridge hole.

Cruising in the sunshine was lovely with a breeze from the movement of the boat, so much nicer than going out in the car when it's hot although it has got air-con. Lots of boats on the move, quite chaotic around Ellesmere and nowhere to moor so we continued to the visitor moorings past the turning circle past Ellesmere. Soon these moorings filled up too.  It's nice to be attached to a canal bank with green grass and hedgerows rather than a pontoon.

nice and cool in Ellesmere Tunnel

Monday, June 20, 2016

More Drips Inside And Outside

Since we came back to Whixall its done nothing but rain and we've had more drips inside the boat coming from the chimney seal. Eric's managed to seal it again once the rain stopped for a short time, balancing precariously on the gunnel.  The  big black umbrella has been getting plenty of use taking Ben for walks too. The swan family in the marina have increased from two adults plus eggs to two adults and nine large cygnets in the six weeks we've been out cruising. I've not seen that many cygnets before and they don't mind the rain.

The freezer under the bed is still showing a red flash  from the LED saying it's a low voltage fault so we'll have to get the battery isolator checked because that's what it was last time it happened. The isolator switch was faulty and wasn't allowing all the power through.

Nothing particularly interesting going on other than a few trips out in the car. It feels so fast after the steady slow pace of canal boat travel. We've been to Ellesmere walking by the lake where it managed to stay dry for an hour and to Llangollen which was very busy at the weekend. Ben didn't cope well with the noises in Llangollen, the steam train blowing it's whistle and some noisy motorbikes but we went for a walk alongside the River Dee  before popping into Wrexham for a few bits and pieces in Wilko including fly killer for a persistent fly. Eric improvised with Mr Sheen spray which  stops them flying away but  I'll have to give him a cloth to finish the polishing.

NB Lacewing has been found tied up further along the Llangollen Canal, it had come loose from it's mooring and perhaps it travelled with the flow? The owners must be delighted it's ok.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Have You Seen NB Lacewing?

Currently sitting in Whixall Marina, Eric's had to reseal the mushroom vents and the chimney as the heavy rain found a way in........and dripped on him!

Just heard that NB Lacewing has been stolen from Lion Quays on the Llangollen Canal, it's green, red and cream. I hope it's spotted soon.

We left Wrenbury on Monday but didn't get far as we stopped near Marbury as it was hammering down with rain. The next day we worked through ten locks to take us to the top of Grindley Brook before the rain came down again.

Yesterday we had just lift bridges to work through and  then we were back, reconnected to shoreline. First stop the laundry to get the accumulated washing done. Eric took the car for a ride to Whitchurch as it hadn't been anywhere for six weeks.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Back On The Llangollen Canal

Yesterday we  left our mooring above Cholmondeston  Lock and made our way back towards Hurleston Junction. Ben and I had a lovely walk too. Then it was a right turn to take us up  the Hurleston flight of locks back onto the Llangollen Canal. Mooring up before the rain started, tomorrow we'll go a little further. 

Our under the bed freezer seems to have died after in timeine and a half years, so I've had to cook what I can making shepherd's pies and spaghetti bolonese with the mince. Luckily there wasn't a lot in there, mostly sad about the melted magnums! Looking for a replacement but not under the bed as the noise always annoyed me.

Today the question was would we get to Wrenbury in time for Sunday Lunch at 'The Cotton Arms'?? Yes we got through the five locks and arrived by two in the afternoon. Not to worry they serve lunch into the evening, Ben enjoyed his beef doggy bag when we got back, although he wasn't happy when we left him on the boat. Chilling now feeling full after a lovely meal.