Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Nanny And Grandad Day

Today we went to Porthcawl with our grandaughter Lisa and Ben the dog came too. Gwen started off with a play in the park with battered sausage and chips to follow while we had pie and chips. Ben the dog helped me eat my pie and a bit of sausage off Gwen. Next came a walk through the town to the beach where dog's are allowed. Gwen threw stones in the sea while  Ben paddled getting rather wet as the tide came in unexpectedly.  We walked back back along the promenade to the fair. I must admit I hate fairs but she enjoyed it and found room for some candy floss. 

All was quiet on the way back.........she was fast asleep!

Friday, August 15, 2014

In Newport Again

We're back in Newport at the moment and Ben is enjoying all the space in Tredegar Park. We play ball with a brightly coloured green and orange tennis ball but once he's got it he's not keen to give it back, so he ends up carrying it for the duration of the walk. Poppy the puppy was delighted we've returned and is so pleased to see us.......she's gets so excited definitely comes into the category of mad collie. 

In the afternoons we've been visiting Paula hoping she'll get better soon and go home once again.Somehow it's much easier to chat  when you're not in a hospital  room. She often drops off to sleep as night time in hospital is never  that quiet and getting any sleep is a problem.

Ben was waiting for us watching at the window when we got back to Clare's house.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Eric's photo of Gwen and Scarlett 

Eric's been in Newport staying with Clare so he can  visit his sister Paula who is still in hospital but now there is improvement. He sent me this lovely photo of our two grandaughters. Today we chatted on the phone and he's coming back to Whixall to pick me up as I said I was going to take the train down as I was feeling lonely.  We've just celebrated 43 years of marriage  and seven and a half years afloat so I think we're used to being together.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Ben And Connie

Liz took this photo of Ben and Connie out for a walk
Eric has gone to Wales leaving me with just Ben the dog for company. Yesterday I had a phone call from Liz and Nick offering to take me out for Sunday lunch at the Cotton Arms in Wrenbury which was good news lots of time to chat. Connie came too and came on the boat to see Ben the dog......they sniffed each other and both went back to sleep. There was a time when he wouldn't let her on the boat!

Today we walked up the Prees Arm to meet Liz and Connie for a walk. Connie is now on 30 minute timed walks after a knee operation and quite happily walked along joined to  Ben by her lead on the wider towpath. Ben walked a lot further today with a  friend for company. Back on NB Henry Ben had a sniff and a chew at Connie's plastic chicken while she stayed at the other end of the boat. Probably thinking Ben had taken over her boat leaving his smells behind. After more chats and  a coffee Connie had her space back.
What's she doing now?
I cooked some salmon for lunch and the sweet chilli sauce didn't stop Ben wanting a taste accompanied by some vegetable rice. He's now having an afternoon nap.......what a life.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Back To Whixall

What a week we've had with a dog walking in various places including a visit to the seaside at Porthcawl  with Lisa and Gwen coming along too. We left Eric and Lisa sitting on a bench overlooking Rest Bay while Gwen came with Ben and I for a walk, when we came back they were gone......sheltering from the rain and waving madly at us, but we didn't see them at first.

The afternoon's have been busy too visiting Eric's sister Paula in hospital.She is still very poorly with an infection but today she looked a little brighter. We've come home for a few days as I needed more tablets for Ben the dog....I only took enough for just over a week. Eric is going back to Newport on Sunday  while Ben and I stay on board.  

Thanks again to Clare and Ben for letting us stay and the mad dog Poppy for our early morning wake up calls!

Saturday, August 02, 2014

A Visit To Newport

On Wednesday we packed the car and headed down south to Newport in south Wales as it was visiting time again. The letters were also accumulating at Paula's although we knew the contents of most of it......letters from the pet insurance and bills from Leahurst which had already been paid when we took Ben for his appointments. A few more still to pay but we haven't had them yet. Leahurst claims the money direct from More Than and then we get a bill for the 10%  of the cost the insurance company doesn't pay. We are so glad we had insurance with the total costs nearing £3,000.

We've had a busy few days catching up with family, dog walking and shopping. It was great to see a very smiley grandaughter Scarlett and her mum and dad of course. We enjoyed looking after Gwen one day and went out for lunch taking my dad, her great grandad too .....he always enjoys going out out but he doesn't eat much these days. Lisa cooked us a roast for tea which was lovely and Gwen cleared her plate. 

We planned to go back to Whixall today bringing our daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwen with us for a holiday but anything planned never seems to happen. Paula is seriously ill in hospital so we are staying for a while and Lisa has to go into work on Thursday so that put paid to her holiday plans. We'll just have to wait and  good planning anything.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Good News

Ben the dog may not make it to the  top of Castell Dinas Bran again but he has been cleared by the neurologist  at the University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital, so we're delighted.